Professor A. Kilani Founder, AK Fighting Systems

Born: Tripoli, Lebanon, 1963
Languages: Arabic, German, English
Citizenship: USA

Over 25 years teaching in the USA, opening various martial arts schools in South Florida, and conducting world-wide seminars.

With 35 years of training under his belt, Ibrahim A. Kilani has mastered and ranked in the arts of Aiki-Jitsu, Aikido, Atemi Ryu Jujitsu, Sanucas Jujistsu, Small Circle Jujitsu, Kenjitsu, Tai-Jitsu, Randori multiple attack take-downs, and is a weapons disarmament and close in tactical combat expert:

Chendokan Aikido 7th Dan

Kenjitsu 6th Dan

Atemi Ryu Jujitsu 6th Dan

Sancus Jujitsu 7th Dan

Vee Jujitsu 4th Dan

Aiki Atemi Ryu Jujitsu, Founder

AK Kenjitsu Kan, Founder

AK Aikido Atemi Do, Founder

International Hall of fame 1996

National Self-preservation Rape Prevention Instructor Award 1996

Instructor Award (1993) Small Circle Jujitsu

Weapons disarmament expert

Multiple attackers armed and unarmed fighting tactics expert

He has instructed corporate groups, trained police, federal agents, and bodyguards, floor-men, doormen, security officers… conducted international seminars… appeared on TV, in major action films, magazines, newspapers, and instructional videos.