How to learn more about being safer…

Citizen Corps
Information on programs, a listing and contact information on Citizen Corps Councils nationwide, registration pages for individuals and councils.

Community Emergency Response Team
Information about CERT training offered by state and local groups.

Medical Reserve Corps
Information including Guide for Local Leaders. Lists good information for practicing and retired physicians, nurses and other health professionals who are eager to volunteer for ongoing public health needs and during emergencies.

Neighborhood Watch
Communities can register their Neighborhood Watch “Neighborhood” online and download materials on starting a Watch and other activities.

Police Volunteers
Citizens find volunteer opportunities in their area that help local police departments. Also provides resources for law enforcement agencies on how to recruit, train and manage volunteers.

USA FreedomCorps
General information about USA FreedomCorps andlocating local volunteer opportunities within a 50-mile radius of a specific zip code.

American Red Cross

Centers For Disease Control

Federal Emergency Management Agency

United States Department of Homeland Security